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Taking 'Focus on Users' Advice Can Kill Your SEO Traffic

There’s a big temptation to combine relevant existing pages into long, all-purpose pages to make browsing convenient for users. However, each existing page may already have its own keyword rankings. When you combine pages without proper SEO redirects, you may lose a lot of rankings and organic traffic. Recently, a global media corporation rolled out a massive platform restructuring upgrade to its online marketplace. The new structure, which was supposed to be clean and easy to use, cut down the amount of content from over 2 million pages to 50,000 pages. As you can easily guess, the traffic dropped over 70 percent, and it was hard to recover from such a loss. Prepare a thorough SEO redirect plan when you change page URL formats. In major website updates, developers may want to change the URL structure to be more simple, well-organized or user-friendly. However, when you change the URL of a page, Google treats it as a brand new page, and it will lose all of its existing rankings and search history.

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